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Planning Your Fundraising Event

Whether you are a budding event planner or an enthusiastic supporter this will give you a few ideas to get you started:

Choose your event
Keep it simple
  • Sponsored slim or zumba class
  • Selling your craft items
  • Car wash or DIY services
  • Fancy dress event
  • Open garden
  • Coffee morning
  • Cake or book sale
A little harder
  • Barbeque or Cheese and wine evening
  • Bingo or quiz night
  • Ladies night
  • Golf tournament
  • Treasure Hunt
For the more adventurous
  • Fête
  • Fashion show
  • It’s a knockout
  • Abseiling
  • Boat race
Choose a venue
Now you have your fundraising idea, you need to find a suitable venue. It could be in someone’s house or garden, at the local school, your workplace or a commercial venue. Don’t forget to mention you are a charity as they may give discount on any fees.
For events held in public places the landowners’ permission must be given.

Things to consider:

  • How big a venue?
  • Does it have disabled access?
  • Is there sufficient parking and toilet facilities?
  • Can people get there easily?
  • Will you need insurance?
  • Do you need a risk assessment?
Marketing the event
You have planned it, set a date, and organised a venue, now you need to let people know about it.
For a small event, e-mail and telephone your friends, family and work colleagues; put up posters in the local area; put on the internet, work intranet and newsletter.
If you want to attract a crowd from the local community, a lot of posters, community website; local TV and radio, local newspapers. When talking to the TV, radio and newspapers remember to give them the name and contact details of the organiser. Photographs are great for getting your story in the press.
How to get local media coverage for your fundraising event
Keep it legal

When raising money for GAIN, please make sure everything you do is within the law. Please remember

  • It is illegal to collect door to door without a permit
  • You require permission from the local authority to collect money in a public place
  • If you are collecting money on private land you need the landowners’ permission.
We can provide written authorisation for you to fundraise on our behalf and/or an ID badge – please email us with your name, address, phone number and a good clear head and shoulders photo (a selfie taken on your smartphone will do), to not forgetting to tell us a bit about what you’re planning on doing.
Please tell us about your plans so we can support you and help your event run smoothly.
As well as written authorisation and ID, we are happy to send you a pack to welcome you as a fundraiser.
Raising sponsorship
There are so many people that you can approach to sponsor you, and so many ways of approaching them. You can download a sponsor form  which you can put in a local pub or shop, or carry with you to catch those generous donors! Most people also set up an online fudnraising page using a platform such as Wonderful,  JustGiving or Virgin Moneygiving.  This makes it even easier to spread the word, especially if you ask all your friends and family to share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Tell everyone you know all about what you’re doing and why, and don’t be shy about asking them to support you! As well as family and friends, talk to work colleagues, neighbours and your employer – many employers these days offer matched giving, whereby they will match a certain amount of money raised for charity by an employee. So if you raise £400, your employer might be able to turn that into £800! Why not ask people in your local community or approach local businesses, clubs and societies?
Approach people with enthusiasm, so they know what you’re doing and why they should support GAIN. Telling people what the Charity does is a great way to raise awareness as well as funds, and means they will understand where their sponsorship money is going. You can use the leaflets, flyers and posters that you will find in your fundraising pack to help you.