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We are often asked to suggest a travel insurance policy for people with a pre-existing medical condition. Although we are unable to recommend or endorse a specific insurance provider, we hope the following information may help you find an affordable policy that is right for you.

Guillain-Barre syndrome or GBS (also known as AIDP), is an acute condition. Acute variants include Miller Fisher, AMAN and AMSAN. Although some people are left with residual effects following recovery, the syndrome itself runs a finite course lasting no more than around 6 weeks, so unless you were diagnosed in the last few weeks, this is something you have had and have recovered from, even if your recovery is not complete. If you have had GBS in the past, it should not be declared as a pre-existing medical condition because you do not have it now. It is worth noting that a person who has had GBS is considered to be no more at risk of a recurrence than anyone else is of developing GBS for the first time.

Some variants, such as CIDP, are chronic and often follow gradually progressive or a remitting and relapsing course. Chronic variants include Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN), Lewis Summer / MADSAM, Paraproteinaemia  / PDN and CANOMAD. If you have a chronic variant of the syndrome, then this would be classified as a pre-existing medical condition because you have it currently.

It is possible to ask the underwriters to exclude a certain medical condition but bear in mind that you will not be covered for any pre-existing condition that is either not declared or excluded from the policy.

For detailed guidance on what you should look for in an insurance policy for travel abroad, please go to the GOV.UK website.

The following is an example only of the pre-existing medical conditions criteria listed when applying for insurance had GBS 18 months ago.

NB: In the first set of conditions, having had GBS within the last 5 years would only need to be declared if your breathing was affected (e.g. if you were ventilated), otherwise, none would apply.

Within the last 5 years been treated for:

  • any respiratory conditions relating to the lungs or breathing
  • any heart or heart related condition
  • any circulatory condition relating to the blood or circulation
  • any kidney or renal condition
  • any condition relating to the pancreas e.g. diabetes
  • any cerebral or neurological condition relating to the brain
  • any type of stroke
  • any central nervous system disorder

Within the last 5 years been diagnosed or treated for:

  • a malignant condition e.g. cancer

Within the last 2 years for any medical condition:

  • received any surgery, in patient or out-patient treatment
  • had any tests or in-patient or out-patient treatment
  • been seen by a specialist consultant

Within the last 2 years been diagnosed or treated for:

  • any psychiatric or physical condition

Been given:

  • a terminal or life limiting prognosis

GAIN has no affiliation with any travel insurance provider, and accepts no responsibility for quotations for quotations and/ or services obtained as a result of supplying this information. There are many other excellent travel insurance companies which provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions and which are not listed here.

If you have a good/ bad experience with your travel insurance, please let us know.

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