Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board provides advice and support to the Charity on all medical matters. It is composed of specialists in GBS, CIDP and associated inflammatory neuropathies and meets every 12 months, although it will discuss matters by correspondence or video conference when necessary. It undertakes the following tasks:

1.     Providing the Board of Trustees with an annual review of priorities for research projects to study ideas and provide a focus for fundraising
2.     Advice to Board of Trustees on Research projects, ensuring peer reviews undertaken and recommendations made to the Trustees
3.     Provision of up-to date medical information for patients, families and health professionals through a rolling programme for the update of the information booklets.
4.     Responding to media enquiries on medical aspects of GBS, CIDP and associated inflammatory neuropathies.
5.     Answering generic enquiries relating to GBS, CIDP or other associated inflammatory neuropathies from GAIN friends or members.
Medical Advisory Board

Dr Jane Pritchard BM BCh MRCP                      Consultant Neurologist Charing Cross Hospital London


Prof H Willison MBBS FRCP PhD                       Professor of Neurology Glasgow University
Dr Michael Lunn MA MBBS MRCP PhD           Consultant Neurologist National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Dr Claire White                                                           School of Biomedical & Health Sciences Kings College London
Dr Rob Hadden BM BCh MRCP PhD                 Consultant Neurologist Kings College Hospital London
Dr Shakti Agrawal                                                      Consultant Paediatric Neurologist Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Dr Simon Rinaldi                                                       John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford

Dr Amy Davidson                                                      Glasgow

Dr Tim Lavin                                                                Manchester

James Babington Smith                                          Patient Representative

Ana Talbot                                                                     Patient Representative

Carol Hooper                                                              Chair of Trustees GAIN
 Rich Collins                                                                 Chief Executive GAIN