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Guillain-Barré syndrome, CIDP and other associated inflammatory neuropathies can have a devastating effect on those diagnosed and their family and friends. Our help is available for everyone, whether you are the patient or close to someone who has been diagnosed.


Our helpline is free, and is available during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm). Outside these hours, please feel free to leave a message (name and phone number) and we will get back to you on the next working day.

Talk with others affected by GBS/CIDP and related illnesses

If you would like to talk to one of our volunteers who has first hand experience of living with and recovering from these conditions, give us a few details about yourself (age, diagnosis, stage of recovery, etc), and we’ll put you in touch with someone for a chat.  This could be by phone, email, Whats App, Skype/Facetime or, if we have a volunteer in your area, a visit may be possible.

One to one peer support

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UK: 0800 374 803 / Ireland: 1800 806 152

Not resident in UK or Ireland? Sorry, we cannot visit or telephone you but please feel free to download our information free of charge.

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