Are you ready to GAINmomentum?

GAINmomentum is all about being active, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing, and raising awareness of GBS, CIDP, and other associated inflammatory neuropathies.

The challenge is to do something active every day throughout May that makes you feel better, and to do a little more everyday so you continue to GAINmomentum.

⬇️You can sign up at the bottom of this page ⬇️

It doesn’t matter what you do, or how often you do it, just make sure that it makes you feel better. You can start small (just a few steps or a short walk or roll) and keep building up, or you might start by running a marathon (as long as you are prepared to run an ultra-marathon by the end of May!!)

The key thing is that every time you do an activity, you tell someone about GBS and CIDP, and you nominate someone else to take part so that you can both GAINmomentum. Get your friends and family involved, or spread the message around your neighbourhood or on social media using #GAINmomentum.

If you can, please take the opportunity to raise some vital funding for GAIN. You could get sponsored for taking part, or ask people you nominate to donate. It doesn’t matter how much you can raise or donate, all the funds we receive will go towards helping GAIN to support people impacted by GBS, CIDP, or other inflammatory neuropathies, undertaking or funding vital research, or raising awareness around these life changing conditions.

You can use Enthuse or JustGiving to raise funds, just ask us if you need help setting this up. You can also donate directly to us here, you can donate on our fundraising page here, or you can text GAIN to 70450 to donate £5 or GAINTEN to 70450 to donate £10. If you need any help with fundraising or if you want some collection boxes for your event or workplace then give us a shout on 01529 469910, or email us via

You can even look the part in one of our GAINmomentum T-shirts and badges. You can buy a GAINmomentum pack in our online store for just £10 (plus P&P). Just head over to

To help you map your GAINmomentum challenge, we have put together a tracker which you can print off and use to record the distance or time you spent doing an activity, what that activity is, and to highlight when you told someone about GAINmomentum, GBS/CIDP or another condition, or about GAIN. You can download a copy of the tracker here, or at the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed the GAINmomentum challenge, then let us know and we will send out a certificate so you can show off what you have achieved.

For information to share about GBS or CIDP, we suggest our one page factsheets which are easy to share. Head to to download copies.

So this May, join us for some fun and some activities, and we look forward to seeing what you get up to. Please share your pictures with us on our socials or email them to Let’s spread the word about GBS and CIDP and GAINmomentum together.