Personal Grants

Personal grants can be applied for by residents in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland however, we are unable to accept applications from overseas.

This Fund was originally created to help pay the travelling expenses for those visiting their loved ones in hospital. Since then, the Charity has considered and made grants for other reasons of hardship that can occur at this most critical of times. Requests for a personal grant will only be considered if the hardship is due to, or has been aggravated by GBS, CIDP or an associated inflammatory neuropathy. Grants are not awarded where the support can be obtained through a statutory body or process. Grants can be made up of smaller grants paid over a period of time or as a one off payment.

Some examples of grants:

  • medical or other equipment (possibly on loan)
  • adaptations to homes
  • payment of travelling expenses including parking charges for visiting patients in hospital.


  • Where the grant is for the provision of equipment, the equipment would become the property of the applicant rather than the charity.  The applicant is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the equipment and any problems should be taken up with the supplier/manufacturer.
  • Recurring household bills or debts cannot be considered – for these you should seek help from your local Social Services, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Citizens’ Advice Scotland, Citizens’ Information Republic of Ireland, the consumer Credit Counselling Service or the National Debtline.

How to Apply

Please complete the Application form which includes guidance notes. All information supplied by you will be treated by gain in confidence.

Completed Application Forms should be sent to:

Guillain-Barré & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies
Glennys Sanders House,
Pride Parkway,
NG34 8GL

For any queries please email