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Joining a video chat is easy, and is a safe and accessible way to keep in touch and feel connected with other people who understand the issues you are facing.

There are separate video chats for people affected by acute and chronic conditions, so if you have been recently diagnosed with, or are recovering from GBS, CIDP, or one of the associated inflammatory neuropathies, see below to find the right session for you.

We understand that it isn’t only the person with the diagnosis whose life is turned upside down. If  you live with someone diagnosed with one of these conditions, perhaps adapting to a new role as carer, or just struggling to come to terms with a very different and uncertain future, then the carers, friends and families video chat is for you.


Sign up for the Starleaf App from your smart phone, tablet or computer, or if you prefer you can dial in on your home phone.

The 2nd Thursday of each month is for carers, friends and families.

Click here to join the 2pm session or click here to join the later session at 7pm.


The 3rd Thursday of the month is the GBS/acute variants (AMAN, AMSAN, Miller Fisher) patient forum. 

Click here to join the 2pm session, or click here to join the later session at 7pm.


The 4th Thursday of the month is the CIDP/chronic variants (MADSAM, MMN/CB, PDN, POEMS, etc) patient forum.

Click here to join the 2pm session (a later session at 7pm will be available from January for people living with CIDP or a chronic variant).


If you live in the North West you are welcome to join the Lancashire and Cumbria meeting held on the 1st Friday of the month at 2pm. Click here to join.


If you have any issues accessing the video chats, please phone us on 01529 469910 (office hours only) or send an email to