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How Long to Cook Sausages on a BBQ & More Safety Tips

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It’s August. The children have finished school for the summer, the sun is shining (we hope) and the barbeque has taken up full time residence in the garden. But did you know that the number of reported cases of food poisoning increases during the summer? A large number of these cases are as a result […] Read More

What is Campylobacter? And How Does It Cause Food Poisoning?

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Campylobacter is the most common type of bacteria that causes food poisoning in the UK. Public Health England reports that in England and Wales the number of cases increased from 52,381 in 2016 to 56,729 in 2017. It’s likely there are many more cases which go unreported. Campylobacter germs can be found in raw meat, […] Read More

What are the smells that you most associate with Summer? Is it the scent of flowers in the garden, such as roses, honeysuckle and jasmine? Or is it the smell of freshly mown grass that signals the arrival of Summer for you?  Few people would disagree that the smell of food cooking on a BBQ […] Read More

Call for national neurology plan following largest ever survey People with neurological conditions are facing long waiting times, poor access to specialists and a lack of personalised care.  That’s according to a new report published by The Neurological Alliance. The survey was the largest ever survey of people with neurological conditions in England with 10,339 […] Read More

Take part in our tea party poll

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We’re on a mission to raise awareness of Guillain-Barré syndrome. The more people who have heard of it and know the symptoms, the faster it will be diagnosed in new sufferers and the sooner treatment can start. One of the ways we’re trying to raise awareness this summer is by encouraging people to host tea […] Read More

Lee Clark interview in Sunday Express magazine for Father’s Day

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To coincide with Father’s Day on Sunday, the Sunday Express magazine interviewed Lee Clark about losing his father to Guillain-Barré syndrome. In case you didn’t manage to read it and now can’t get hold of a copy, we thought we’d post it here for you.  

Summer Tea Party: Easy Orange Biscuit Recipe

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If you’re a supporter of GAIN and share our passion to spread the word and raise awareness of Guillain-Barré syndrome, then we hope your preparations for a tea party are in full swing. To help you along the way, we’ve been publishing a series of recipes for tasty treats that are sure to go down […] Read More

Summer Tea Party: Savoury cheese scone recipe

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At GAIN we want to get everyone baking scones and organising tea parties this summer to help raise awareness of Guillain-Barré syndrome, CIDP and the associated inflammatory neuropathies. To help you along the way, we’ve been publishing some recipe ideas, including cakes and biscuits. We’ve already posted a recipe for sweet cherry scones, now here’s […] Read More