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Other Ways You Can Help

ebay for Charity

We have our own eBay for Charity page so if you are thinking of using the auction site eBay for selling any items, you can help us raise funds. Pick the gain as your favourite charity – you can make this selection on the ‘My favourite Charities’ page in your eBay Donation Account:
List an item on eBay, choose a percentage of the sale price you wish to donate (you can donate 10% to 100% but there is a £1 minimum donation per listing). If the item sells, you will be paid and the item posted to the buyer.
MissionFish collects the donation from you, claims Gift Aid on your behalf, and passes the money on to the support group (less a small deduction to cover their costs).
Don’t forget Gift Aid
Gift Aid is one of the easiest ways to make your donation tax effective. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we will receive an extra 28p from the Government.

Simply tick the Gift Aid box when you first list an item for us, provided you pay more in UK income or capital gains tax equal to the amount of tax we reclaim on your gift. MissionFish will collect the Gift Aid from the Government and pass it on to us.

Collection Boxes
Static collecting boxes are amongst the most effective and efficient forms of fundraising and also raise awareness (we can now claim Gift Aid on the contents of all collection boxes up to £5000).
Did you know that, as a country, we have £345 million in loose change in our homes, down the back of our sofas and in our cars?
Can you or a friend or relative find the time to place our collecting boxes in shops, clubs, pubs and/or businesses in your geographical area, check them every few months and bank the money collected? If so, please download one of our Collection Box order forms.
Further advice and guidance on managing collection boxes can be found on the Institute of Fundraising website: – The Management of Static Collection Points, Code of Fundraising Practice

Recycling Mobile Phones and Inkjet Cartridges

Please send your mobile phones (remember to remove SIM card) and empty inkjet cartridges (Samsung, HP, Lexmark, Canon and Dell) to our head office address for recycling and help us raise funds.

Guess2Give is a new, easy and fun way to help raise money for Charity.
It is an online sweepstake where everyone who makes a guess, could WIN the cash prize.
Run, cycle, swim, trek, wedding speech or paper plane challenge? Whatever your event or occasion, set up a free Guess2Give sweepstake to challenge your friends and raise money.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Set up a Guess2Give sweepstake for your event or occasion.
  2. Each guess is just £3
  3. Up to £2.50 (inc. Gift Aid) goes to the charity while 50p from each guess goes into the prize fund.
  4. Whoever guesses closest to the result, WINS.
E-Cards for All Occasions 
Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas you can send an E-Greetings Card from our Partner’s Charitecards web site.
To access this facility you simply make a single donation to the GBS Support Group. Then for a year you will have complete and unrestricted access to the Charitecards selection of electronic greetings cards. You can send as many cards as you wish during that period.
Your donation can also attract Gift Aid. To sign up, make your donation, and start to use the Charitecards facility.
Stamp Collecting
Can you help with our stamp collecting appeal?
ANY amount, large or small – stamps do not need to be sorted into individual countries or prices etc.
Stamps cut out can be sent directly to our buyer at:
gain Stamp Appeal, Fords Farm, HORSEY, Norfolk, NR29 4EP
Ideally, they should be cut or torn with approximately 1/2 – 1cm of envelope surrounding each stamp to prevent damage and have the back of the envelope removed as well (this works out cheaper to send too). Please note that if stamps have too much excess paper our agent will not buy them. PLEASE DO NOT remove the stamp off the envelope as they are damaged easily if they are.

Online Shopping
Did you know that if you shop online, you can raise money for gain at no extra cost to you!
We have registered with who have partnered with over 1,200 shops that will pay us a donation every time a purchase is made. It will not cost you a penny more and it is free to sign up. In fact you could even save money as there are thousands of discount codes too! You still buy directly from your favourite shops, including Amazon,, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Vodafone and many more – you just visit them through the website to create a donation for us!
How can they do this? It is entirely funded by the retailers that are on They’re happy to make a donation, as it is their way of thanking you for making a purchase from their online shop when you visit them from
On average, 3% of whatever you spend is given to us as a donation, but remember, this is at no extra cost to you. Also, they are partnered with many home & car insurers, as well as mobile phone companies, which could create up to a £50 donation for the GBSSGat no extra cost to you! Booking a holiday? They are partnered with holiday specialists such as Kuoni, Walt Disney World, Butlins & Expedia to name but a few.
All you need to do is go to and sign up. Once you have signed up, click on ‘Find a Charity or Community’ from your Quick links box, and choose ‘gain’. It’s a free way of donating to us! Happy shopping!
Christmas Cards, Greetings Cards and other Logo Items
We have a great selection of both Christmas and Greetings cards and a wide range of logo items so please support us by buying from our shop.

How some of this money could help
£10     could help us pay for the printing and distribution of gain4all
£20     could help us pay for an information pack to be sent to a patient
£30     could help us provide information packs to a hospital
£50     could help us support a family visit their loved one as they recover
£100    could help us fund research into these illnesses