Share your experiences and help improve neuro services: fill out #MyNeuroSurvey

Getting the right care, treatment and support at the right time can make a life-changing difference when
you have a neurological condition, like GBS or CIDP.

But there are huge variations across the UK – not everyone with a neurological condition in the UK has
access to the same high quality, joined up care and support.

This has to change now.

Please help improve services for everyone living with a neurological condition by filling out My Neuro

There is a version for adults and a version for children and young people. If your child has a neurological
condition, you can complete the survey with them or on their behalf.

1. Visit My Neuro Survey ( OR

2. Call the survey partners, Quality Health on 0800 783 1775 (Freephone) to:

• hear and complete the survey over the phone in any language
• ask for a paper copy to be sent to your address
• ask for a large print version
• ask for an Easy Read version of the survey

3. Tell everyone you know about #MyNeuroSurvey

Share your experiences

By sharing your experiences, you’ll help to gather the evidence to make the case for change. My Neuro
Survey is completely anonymous and secure.

Make a real difference

Data from previous surveys has been used to improve services in hospitals, develop new specialist
centres, and spark debate in Parliament. The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete. Please take
part and make your voice heard.

Find out more about My Neuro Survey or complete the survey now.
Thank you.

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