Become a Member of GAIN

GAIN is a Membership organsiation, and our Members are incredibly important to us. Members are like our ‘shareholders.’ They guide what we do, how we operate, and what our priorties are.

As a Membership organsiation, we have two types of Members, Voting and Non-voting Members. Both are really important to us, but by being a Voting Member, you get to have much ,more of a say in governing the charity. Voting Members get to have a vote at our AGM, and at some other meetings.

Anyone can be a Member of GAIN, and Membership is completely free. However, if they want, Members can make a voluntary donation to support the work of the charity. This can be a one-off donation or by giving regularly.

If you would like to become a Member of GAIN, then please complete the form below. If you need any further information on Membership of GAIN, then please drop us an email via or call us on 01529 469910.