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The GAIN charity Chair, Chris Fuller welcomed everyone to the Zoom members meeting, which was held on Saturday 16 October 2021.  The meeting was then recorded and a copy is available to view. 


We were joined by three eminent neurologists from our Medical Advisory Board


  • Dr Rob Hadden – a Consultant Neurologist specialising in peripheral nerve diseases (neuropathies). He holds NHS Consultant posts at King’s College Hospital where he runs the specialist peripheral nerve service, and Maidstone Hospital. He is currently President of the British Peripheral Nerve Society, Honorary Secretary of the international Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium, and co-chair of a group of international experts writing new guidelines on treatment of Guillain-Barré and CIDP.
  • Dr  Simon Rinaldi – Associate Professor & MRC Clinician Scientist at Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford with an interest in peripheral neuropathies, a neuroimmunology researcher, and a neuroscience tutor.
  • Dr Jane Pritchard – A consultant Neurologist at Charing Cross Hospital specialising in peripheral neuropathy, Motor Neurone disease, Myasthenia gravis, General neurology, Neuroimmunology.  She is the Chair of the GAIN Medical Advisory Board


The programme for the morning was


  1. The new clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of GBS and CIDP – Dr Rob Hadden
  2. Research and the new(ish) antibodies – Dr Simon Rinaldi
  3. COVID and vaccines – Dr Jane Pritchard (and friends)
  4. GAIN Review of the year – Caroline Morrice CEO GAIN


If you have questions please contact