RightsOnFlights campaign

RightsOnFlights campaign launched

I reluctantly got on a plane last week for the first time in more than 30 years. As travel experiences go, it was okay – quite a lot of waiting around but little if any stress.

It’s often a different story for disabled travellers, who can find themselves left without expected assistance; abandoned on aeroplanes; having essential mobility aids broken in transit.

TV presenter Sophie Morgan, Disability Rights UK and Marion Fellows MP have joined forces to launch a #RightsOnFlights campaign, which aims to ensure that disabled travellers can expect the same rights as nondisabled people.

Sophie Morgan calling for government action

Following two recent events which saw her being left on an empty plane for hours and her wheelchair being returned from the hold broken, Sophie is starting the RightsOnFlights campaign by calling for legislation to empower the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to impose fines on airlines and/or other actors who:

(a) damage wheelchairs or essential mobility devices

(b) leave Disabled passengers on flights for a prolonged period once the flight has landed

(c) fail to provide adequate assistance despite prior knowledge of Disabled passengers’ needs

How to support the RightsOnFlights campaign?

Sophie Morgan, Disability Rights UK and Marion Fellows are encouraging disabled people and their allies to write to their MPs to ask them to support the campaign.

You can find the contact details for your MP here:


You will find a letter to the Government from Marion Fellows, along with a suggested cover letter which you can personalise with your own experiences, on the Disability Rights UK website.

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Please send a copy of both of these letters to your MP. Share the campaign on social media using the hashtag #RightsOnFlights

It’s time for change. Disabled travellers deserve the same rights as nondisabled travellers, to be able to travel with the expectation that they and their equipment will be treated with respect and dignity.


Source: RightsOnFlights campaign | Industry News | Independent Living

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