Sally has Hot Flush for GAIN

On 22nd February 2014 we held a fundraising evening for GAIN Charity. I was diagnosed in January 2013 with GBS and because I am well on my road to recovery I decided that I wanted to give something back to the charity that had helped me and my family through some tough times. At my local village hall we had a live band – ‘Hot Flush’ (who had volunteered to do the gig for free) and throughout the evening we had prizes for the persons who looked like they were having the most fun! We also had some fantastic raffle prizes which my sister and I had worked really hard to get and this meant people were buying tickets quicker than we could fold them up! We raised a total of £1360 over the whole evening and everyone had an absolute ball! I have wonderful friends and family who all contributed in many ways. Several people made cakes and others helped prepare the hot dogs on the night. My Mum put together some super hampers for prizes and put a lot of effort into making them look beautiful. I feel very privileged that I am surrounded by such fantastic people. The night was a raging success! I am holding another fundraising evening with live music on 13th September at the Amasal Social Club in Stafford. I have chosen a bigger venue this time so more people can come and there is more room to dance!!! We will work hard to get some more great raffle prizes and I guarantee it will be another great evening. If anyone is interested in coming contact me at Meanwhile keep working hard at getting better everyone and try and think what you have ‘gained’ from the experience. I know that I have met some really lovely people that I wouldn’t have crossed paths with if I hadn’t of been diagnosed with GBS. I am a very lucky person indeed and am embracing life with more fervour than ever before!

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