New survey for UK on GBS and related conditions

Version 2.2 Flyer for social media and website advert (ETHICS PROJECT ID 112) 21-01-19

Could you help with an important new research study about Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) or a related condition*?

Have you had GBS or a related* condition at any time in the past?

Do you live in the UK or Ireland?

If you have left hospital after receiving treatment for GBS or a related condition, our research team at the University of Lincoln would welcome the opportunity to discuss your experiences to help us understand the needs of people recovering from GBS and related conditions.

You will be invited to take part in a one-off interview lasting approximately 1 hour. To take part or for further information, please contact Dr Joseph Akanuwe (research assistant) on: Tel: 01522 835420 Email:, who will arrange meetings (by phone or face to face) for providing further information and data collection.

The research is funded by Guillain-Barré and Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies (GAIN) and being conducted by members of university staff at the Community and Health Unit (CaHRU), University of Lincoln, Sarah Swift Building, Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln LN5 7AT.

Ethics approval is granted by the University of Lincoln Ethics Committee.

Conditions related to GBS (sometimes known as acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) include Miller Fisher syndrome (both acute & chronic, ChronicInflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), AMAN, AMSAM, CIAN, MMN, MMNCB, MADSAM, PDN, POEMS & CANOMAD

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