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Vaccine Roll Outs: Tragedy and Triump‪h‬ Dan Snow’s History Hit Paul Offit is on the US Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel on vaccines. He talked Dan through the history of massive public vaccination programmes in the US, starting with the unprecedented campaign against Polio in 1955. During that vaccination 200,000 children were a form […] Read More

Government removes ban on UK-sourced blood plasma for the manufacture of immunoglobulins. Thousands of NHS patients to benefit from innovative medicines made from plasma Decision follows recommendation from expert scientists that the treatments are safe Thousands more critically-ill patients will soon be able to benefit from life-saving treatments made from UK-sourced blood plasma, as the […] Read More

Side effects are a natural part of the vaccination process. Not everyone will experience them. But the two COVID-19 vaccines cleared for emergency use in the United States, made by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, already have reputations for raising the hackles of the immune system: In both companies’ clinical trials, at least a third of the volunteers […] Read More

Can we do more as individuals to help slow the spread of coronavirus? We ask the experts Covid-19 infections in the UK are reducing but remain stubbornly high, despite a month of lockdown measures. So could we be doing more as individuals to curb transmission of the virus? A virologist, a psychologist and a public […] Read More