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Don’t Gamble When You Travel

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  If money and circumstance allows, summer sees many people packing up and shipping out for a week or two of relaxation and a bit of exploring. Most will take out holiday insurance, but some consider this to be an unnecessary extra expense that they don’t really need. If you think you cant afford to […] Read More

Know Your Food Hygiene and BBQ Safely

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  Cases of food poisoning almost double during the summer, and research shows that the undercooking of raw meat and the contamination of bacteria onto the food we eat are among the main reasons. Follow this simple advice from the Food Standards Agency to keep your family safe this summer. Pre-cook – Cook all chicken […] Read More

‘gain2gether’ meetings in 2018/19

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If you would like to organise a gain2gether in an area not listed below, please contact us with a proposed date and venue. Coming up in 2018 and 2019   Lancashire & Cumbria Our 2018 dates are 15th September and 8th December Our 2019 dates are 9th March, 15th June (AGM), 14th September and 7th […] Read More