Tim’s Story

Kathy Priddis raises money in memory of her brother Tim Armstrong

In November last year my brother, Tim Armstrong, developed Guillain Barre Syndrome. During the course of a day he became totally paralysed, including his ability to breathe or swallow. He was admitted to the Royal Derby Hospital (a wonderfully caring place) and placed in an induced coma.

Some weeks later he began to have eyeball movement which indicated that he could hear what was going on around him and eventually he opened his eyes. His brain was completely unaffected, but he still couldn’t speak or move, except for an urgent, but very slight, nod when he wanted to communicate. Then his devoted family used an ABC chart to compose the words he wanted to say, and when correct he would nod again.

His mind was totally alert, his concentration amazing, his eyes so eloquent, but the damage to his body was extensive and the prognosis was very poor. He died on 22nd January 2023.

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