The Future of Therapy

How digital interventions are reshaping the mental health care landscape

Right when they were needed the most Covid-19 presented one of the biggest challenges in history for mental health services. In a matter of weeks, the pandemic tore through services as we knew them, forcing organisations to rapidly rethink how to continue to deliver and provide client care.

Digital mental health interventions, such as video, phone calls and online programmes, became a means of survival for many services, offering a lifeline to patients and professionals in the darkest of times. Now, as the dust settles on Covid-19, we are beginning to see how the landscape of mental health services has been changed by the disruption of the pandemic. Digital interventions continue to play a vital role in improving access to therapeutic support. They are showing huge potential to transform how mental health services deliver in the long-term. For our latest piece of qualitative research, we asked eight mental health professionals to share their thoughts on how digital tools like the SilverCloud® platform are changing the therapy landscape and reshaping client care, both now and in the future.

Talking to a range of psychologists, therapists and practitioners at various levels, we explored:

How Covid-19 impacted mental health services and service delivery
Where digital tools are currently being used to support people
How digital tools are transforming mental health support, both now and in the future

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