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Risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome after meningococcal conjugate vaccination.

Velentgas P, Amato AA, Bohn RL, Arnold Chan K, Cochrane T, Funch DP, Dashevsky I, Duddy AL, Gladowski P, Greenberg SA, Kramer JM, McMahill-Walraven C, Nakasato C, Spettell CM, Syat BL, Wahl PM, Walker AM, Zhang F, Brown JS, Platt…[more]

Vigorimeter grip strength in CIDP: a responsive tool that rapidly measures the effect of IVIG – the ICE study

Vanhoutte, E. K., Latov, N., Deng, C., Hanna, K., Hughes, R. A. C., Bril, V., Dalakas, M. C., Donofrio, P., van Doorn, P. A., Hartung, H.-P. and Merkies, I. S. J. (2012), Vigorimeter grip strength in CIDP: a responsive tool that…[more]

Heterotopic Ossification of the Hips in a Patient With Guillain Barre Syndrome Demonstrated on SPECT/CT.

Shawgi M. From the Nuclear Medicine Centre, Central Manchester University Hospitals, Manchester, United Kingdom.[more]