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GAIN 200 Club

A chance to win cash prizes and support the work of GAIN – entry costs £20 per number for the whole year, and the membership year runs from April to March.

Open to residents of England, Scotland and Wales. Entrants must be aged 16 or over.

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Terms and conditions

The GAIN 200 Club will operate as a Small Society Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005. GAIN is registered with North Kesteven District Council for this purpose. The object of the Club is to raise funds for GAIN.

The subscription to the 200 Club shall be £20 per year per entry, payable in advance.

Members may have and are encouraged to have multiple subscriptions.

The subscription year runs from April to March the following year. There is no provision to opt in/out on a month-by-month basis.

Anybody living in England, Scotland or Wales aged 18 or over can become a member of the 200 Club and you are encouraged to get family and friends to join. The 200 Club shall not be limited to 200 members.

A member is eligible for inclusion in the draw for any month so long as the subscription has been paid.

Each member is allocated a permanent number per entry in the monthly draw. This number shall remain the member’s number provided that their subscription is up to date. Members are not permitted to choose their own numbers. Numbers will be randomised and posted out to all members prior to the first draw of their membership.

There will be a draw of 3 prizes per month, with an additional annual bonus prize to be drawn in November.

The draw for each month shall be made on the second Wednesday of each month at 2pm.

The draws will be made by a member of the GAIN staff, witnessed by at least one other person, and will be broadcast live via video link to any member wishing to watch the draw.

Monthly prizes will be awarded according to membership of the 200 Club for that month as follows:

  • 20% of the annual net payments make up the monthly 1st prizes (12 prizes of 1.66% each)
  • 10% of the annual net payments make up the monthly 2nd prizes (12 prizes of 0.83% each)
  • 10% of the annual net payments make up the monthly 3rd prizes (12 prizes of 0.83% each)
  • 10% of the annual net payments will make up the annual bonus prize
  • The remaining 50% of the annual net payments will be allocated to GAIN funds

The allocation of numbers and draw results will be posted on the GAIN website, and winners will be contacted individually immediately after each of the prize draws.

The GAIN 200 Club administrators will make all reasonable efforts to pay prizes to the winners within two weeks of the draw.  Payment of prize winnings will be made by bank transfer.

Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the GAIN 200 Club if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.

If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into GAIN funds after six months.

The decision of the GAIN management team shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication. The GAIN management team shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 200 Club members as is necessary.

Thank you for your support

If you have any questions regarding the GAIN 200 Club Rules of Membership,

please contact GAIN by telephone 01529 469910 (Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm)

or by email to

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