Fundraising reports – Virgin London Marathon 2014

£5000 was collectively raised by the wonderful Blanche, Tony, Marc, Neil and Richard who took part in Virgin’s London Marathon.

Tony Rogers having just crossed the finish line, “The day was an amazing experience, I’m glad I could contribute something to all the good work GAIN do for people who have the misfortune of developing the illness” said Tony.

I was really pleased to do it for GAIN even though it was hard going and very hot. I didn’t do it as quickly as I had hoped as I twisted my ankle just before half way. From then on, I couldn’t keep running and did have to run/walk the second half. I am really proud to have completed my first marathon and in a time of 5 hours and 24 minutes; it gives me a PB that i should be able to break.

Richard Underwood

Neil Oates has taken a lot of fundraising challenges including a Tough Mudder last summer. Having nearest and dearest affected by both conditions, he splits the money between GAIN and the Autistic Society. “I’ve decided to re-attempt the one event I said I’d never do again, the marathon! I promise not to have 6 bottles of beer the night before this time!” said Neil.

Unfortunately, Marc McNeill had to withdraw from the marathon due to a previous strain injury to his ankle but his entry has been deferred to next year. “The thought of not running the London Marathon filled me with loathing” said Marc, “I had trained so hard for it and to be taken away from me, the day before was hard to take. Even more so given how much people have sponsored me. For the sponsorship I’m truly grateful. I never expected such generosity. Thank you.” – Marc McNeill

The day dawned bright, sunny and cool. It was 6.30 am when I left for Blackheath, the start of the London Marathon. Upon arrival, I saw many other participants chatting, queuing for the loo, taking photos. It wasn’t long before all had to deposit kit bags in order for them to be delivered to the finish. Then it was over to the start line and time to go. About 40,000 people were running in the world’s biggest fundraising event.

It’s inspiring and humbling to hear people’s stories, the causes they support and the obstacles they have overcome to reach the start line. The route was lined with cheering supporters, every inch of the way. They called my name and I felt each was my friend generously encouraging me. The route was long, tough and hot. It took me just over 4 hours to cross the finish line safely and I am thankful to have good health enabling me to train and complete the London Marathon 2014.

Blanche Morrissey

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