A Little Princess – Fundraising report

Jasmine Dawood (Age 6) suffered from GBS in November 2013 when she was 3 years old; it was the most frightening time of her life (and her mum’s). What started as a chest infection quickly developed into GBS and she lost all function of her legs and arms for almost three months. She then underwent a further few more months of physio and rehabilitation and thankfully, Jasmine has now made a full recovery.

“It was like having a three year old new born again” said Jasmine’s mum Hayley, “even to this day she still has her tired days when she takes herself to bed for a little sleep. She has been so brave and strong.”

In order to help others, Jasmine recently underwent a transformation and had all her long red hair off (the hair was then donated to Little Princess Hair Donation Charity who make wigs for children cancer sufferers) and she raised £364.00 for GAIN.

“I hope Jasmine’s fundraising will go on to help other sufferers and their families. From my own personal experience taking part in this fundraising has helped both me and Jasmine finally find closure from this horrific experience. It is definitely something we will be doing again” said Hayley.

(Local hair salon Lab Forte of Alcester Road, Moseley, very kindly cut Jasmine’s hair for free)

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