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Welcome to the video portal, here you can find all the stories provided to us by the GAIN community in video format. Please feel free to share your own here.

GBS videos

Hayley Watson describes her incredible journey of recovery from GBS, explaining her experience of being in hospital for 6 years and sharing the wonderful things she has done since.

The story of Kyle Ebecilio: The former Feyenoord & Arsenal youngster who won the U17 European Championship alongside Memphis Depay before suffering a potentially career-ending illness called Guillain-Barre syndrome.


Jonathan Nichol created a short film on his experience of having GBS.

“Intended to inform and express, this is my visual and audible depiction of what what my experience with Guillain Barre Syndrome was like. It’s taken 2 years before I was ready to make this film, but finally the time came. I’m back to full health, surprisingly unscathed, my vigour for work and life has doubled. Although a terrible experience, one that has changed me for the better. I went from an active, fit person, boxing 4 times a week, to paralysed within the space of 9 days. It took 5 weeks to be able to walk again. I had the added issue of Bells Palsy too, which has left the right side of my face with only about 30% movement.”

To see more of his work, head to his website:

Learn about Simon’s experience and the build up to his RideLondon experience by watching the video he put together for us himself.

CIDP videos

Watch James Babington Smith discuss his story of being diagnosed with CIDP, courtesy of the GBS CIDP Foundation International.

Danielle Robinson shares her story of being diagnosed with CIDP and her recovery from the illness. Watch as she documents her journey from first diagnosis to physiotherapy and beginning to walk again, providing insight along the way into just what its like to suffer from the CIDP. Click here to read more on her story.