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GAINmomentum T-shirt bundle


May 2022 sees the third annual GAINmomentum campaign to mark GBS & CIDP awareness month, encouraging you to improve your physical and mental wellbeing by getting more active, and raising awareness and funds to help other people affected by GBS and CIDP.

Why not get the T-shirt to show everyone what you’re up to while you get fit and spread the word? Select your T-shirt size, then add either a water bottle or drawstring bag, and we’ll throw in a button badge to complete your bundle.

GAINmomentum T-shirt

650ml GAIN Drinking bottle

GAIN Drawstring bag

In stock



For just £12 plus p&p, we will send you a special edition GAINmomentum T-shirt and eye catching button badge (only available during May),

plus EITHER a 650ml drinking bottle OR a drawstring bag


Additional information

GAINmomentum T-shirt


Large (41" / 104cm), Medium (38" / 96cm), Small (36" / 91cm), XXL (48" / 122cm)


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