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#GAINmomentum 2021


Get moving, get fit!

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We all know the benefits of exercise, but few of us do enough of it.  #GAINmomentum is all about challenging yourself to get moving throughout the month of May, which is GBS/CIDP Awareness month.

Run, walk, cycle, row, jump, stretch, roll, swim, dance or skip – it’s your call!

There’s no pressure – just set your own personal goals and see what you can achieve.  Use to log your achievements and see how far we have all travelled – click here to join the GAINmomentum Strava club!

Because May is GBS/CIDP awareness month, why not raise awareness of the charity and conditions at the same time as getting fit? Set up and personalise your own JustGiving page, linked to the campaign, and ask family and friends to sponsor you and spread the word via social media, using the hashtag, #GAINmomentum

Packs will reach you before 1 May 2021

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Adult, Under 16, Awareness Pack only


Large (41" / 104cm), Medium (38" / 96cm), No tee shirt, Small (36" / 91cm), XL (46" / 117cm), XXL (48" / 122cm)