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Neurological Alliance – Join us: back the 1 in 6

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1 in 6 people in the UK live with a neurological condition but there simply isn’t the
workforce or services in place to support them. Join us in calling on governments
across the UK to #BackThe1in6 and set up a Neuro Taskforce to deliver real
change. Sign the petition today.

In 2021/2022, we supported My Neuro Survey a UK wide survey of people living with
neurological conditions.

8,500 people, including people with GBS, reported:

• Delays to treatment and care can change your life. 55% of adults and 60%
of children and young people living with a neurological condition experienced
delays to routine appointments with specialists in the last year.

• Most people with a neurological condition are unable to access the
mental wellbeing support they need. 40% reported their mental wellbeing
needs are not being met at all.

• Finding out you have a neurological condition is scary and confusing.
Receiving the right information and support can make a real difference. 2 in
10 were not given an explanation of their diagnosis. Almost 4 in 10 adults
reported not being given any information at all.

This must change. Sign the petition now and share on social media

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