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With regret, following advice on the coronavirus COVID 19, GAIN have taken the decision that all Branch meetings will be postponed until further notice. Meetings taking place in Saltford, Dewsbury or Newcastle upon Tyne in March or April have been postponed, and it is likely that the next meeting in the Lancashire and Cumbria region will be in September at the earliest (tbc).  The Newcastle monthly meetings will resume as soon as they can once the COVID 19 virus allows.

Many of our community will fall into the vulnerable category, through age or health and we have outlined how this affects our patients below.

GBS / acute variants

The advice for people who have had GBS is the same as for anyone else. A common misconception is that people who have had GBS have a weakened or damaged immune system – this isn’t the case, and you are no more or less likely to contract the coronavirus or to be adversely affected by it.

CIDP / chronic variants

For those of you living with CIDP, or another of the chronic variants, you may have a suppressed immune system, depending on the treatment you receive. If you are unsure, ask your GP or neurologist.


Getting together with others can be an important part of the recovery process. Attending a gain2gether provides an opportunity to meet up and socialise with others through local and national events. Our gain2gether local events are run by individuals whereas  national events are co-ordinated by the office.

gain2gether local

gain2gethers are important, both to support the work of the charity and to provide a forum for members, friends, sufferers, carers and other supporters, to meet socially. We support existing local branches and encourage the formation of new local gain2gether groups.

If you would like to set up something in your area, please contact the office who will be able to help you.

01529 469910

Is there one near me?

Quick guide

gain2gether national

From time to time GAIN holds a national event which may include the AGM. The location changes as we aim to move around the UK to give the opportunity for members to attend at least one near to where they live.

We attract fantastic speakers from the medical professionals as well as asking for patient’s personal stories and people to talk about leisure activities. These events vary in length from a half day through to a full weekend of activity.

Conference reports

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